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Darien car service

Darien car service

You’re about to head out on a date with a woman that you worked hard to attract to going out with you, in the first place.  Do you go out with someone that special without pulling out all the magic?  No.  You want to take her places.  You want to take her places, in style.

We are a Darien car service, Core Car, waiting to offer you and your date a supreme experience.  We offer an astonishing, fleet of cars.  You can select from Mercedes Sprinters and Motor coaches.  Imagine your effort wows your date.  Only, get this.  We are putting the effort in for you!

Enjoy receiving a professional driver who will make sure you reach your destination safely, comfortably, and with style. 


You have a range of vehicles to select from.  During your journey, pop the champagne and open that box of chocolates, for her.  You could find yourself on date number two when she experiences our exterior and interior appearances. 

The style could include leather interiors and spacious areas you both to stretch out on.  When you request a vehicle, you will ride in the best style that you deserve!  You and your date will be sure to have a great date, with our service.

Safe Travels

Our drivers are trained in defensive driving skills.  This means that your driver will be driving with safety in mind.  Preventative tactics could allow an accident-free trip.

So, what are you doing on your date night?

Are you traveling somewhere far away?  Imagine how fun the experience will be with service like Core CarCore Car’s Darien car service will provide you with the comfort required for the long journey.  Why not drive, in style, during that long journey?

Consider this idea.  We love to offer suggestions!  Have you considered star gazing at your nearest observatory?  Imagine being in a luxury car, awaiting the beautiful stars that you will see. 

Both of you could get dinner or snack on some romantic treats while on your way to a less lighted area for your view.

During this journey, we are sure you would want to pop open some champagne and feel comfortable, knowing that your driver is driving safely. 

Confidentiality is important to Core Car, so you don’t even have to concern yourself with your experiences being revealed.  Our professionals were, also, trained in discretion.  We want you to know that you deserve the best service that a Darien car service could offer.

Confidentiality is a part of the service that you should be receiving.  When you are on your date, the driver is there to serve as your driver.  There shouldn’t be any leaks about your exciting time. 

Core Car is that Darian car service that can provide you with the best service that any car service should offer. Make sure you review our fleet of cars and speak with one of our professionals, so that we may make your date as pleasurable as it could be!

Core Car, Inc.
Darien car service
30 Commerce Rd
Stamford CT 06902

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Darien car service Darien car service